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Hong Kong, officially named the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR), is a city and special administrative region of China in the eastern Pearl River Delta by the South China Sea. With over 7.5 million people of various nationalities in a 1,104-square-kilometre territory, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Hong Kong is a highly developed territory and ranks fourth on the UN Human Development Index. The city also has the largest number of skyscrapers of any city in the world and its residents have some of the highest life expectancies in the world. The dense space also led to a developed transportation network with public transport rates exceeding 90 percent.

Hong Kong is ranked third in the Global Financial Centres Index, behind New York City and London. In an annual ranking of the Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong has come out on top 25 years in a row, according to the Heritage Foundation, a U.S. think tank.

Migration Program

Immigration Arrangements

Immigration Arrangements

Applicants who are non-local students and have obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification in a full-time and locally-accredited programme in Hong Kong may apply to stay and work in the HKSAR under the IANG.

Non-local fresh Graduates Requirements:

  • Non-local fresh graduates who wish to apply to stay and work in the HKSAR are not required to have secured an offer of employment upon application.
  • They may be granted 12 months’ stay on time limitation only without other conditions of stay provided that normal immigration requirements are met.
  • Those who intend to apply to stay and work in the HKSAR but have not yet secured graduation results may apply for extension of stay to wait for the promulgation of results.
  • Non-local fresh graduates who have not yet obtained their graduation certificate could apply to stay and work by producing proof from the institution confirming that they have graduated.

Returning non-local Graduates Requirements:

  • Returning non-local graduates who wish to return to work in the HKSAR are required to secure an offer of employment upon application.
  • The applications will be favourably considered so long as the job is at a level commonly taken up by degree holders and the remuneration package is at market level.
  • They may be granted 12 months’ stay on time limitation only without other conditions of stay provided that normal immigration requirements are met.

Admission Scheme

Admission Scheme

Chinese residents of the Mainland of China (the Mainland) who possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the HKSAR may apply to come to work under the ASMTP.


An application for an entry permit to take up employment under the ASMTP may be favourably considered if:

  • there is no security objection and no known record of serious crime in respect of the applicant;
  • the applicant has a good education background, normally a first degree in the relevant field, but in special circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and/or relevant experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence may also be accepted;
  • there is a genuine job vacancy;
  • the applicant has a confirmed offer of employment and is employed in a job relevant to his academic qualifications or work experience that cannot be readily taken up by the local work force; and
  • the remuneration package including income, accommodation, medical and other fringe benefits is broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level for professionals in the HKSAR.
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